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Glow In The Dark - Rose And Butterfly UV Blacklight tattoo

By Infinity Colorworks, 04/11/2014 - 14:57

Lower leg tattoo using the entire glow-in-the-dark ink range of ALCHEMY INKS. Laid down by Eddie Yeary in early 2010.

These photos are not re-touched or photo-shopped in any way. Both photos are of the healed tattoo a few days after it was completed. This leg tattoo took around 6 hours and we were delighted with the results.

uv lower leg woooo

In the words of the artiste:

The Alchemy uv Black light pigments were use for the entire tattoo. For the darker areas of the tattoo I used the (black) Alchemy in the rose because it contains just a hint of uv color to make it totally compatible with the range of colors in the set. For the darker parts of the butterfly I simply mixed a bit of Infinity Pro (dark purple). I also did the same technique to get the darker parts of the rose stem with Infinity Pro Dark green. It took about four hours and needed no touch up.

The UV Ink range actually glows better after its healed (as you can see here).