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Hi Guys - my name is Eddie Yeary, I am the owner and CEO of Infinity Colorworks.

I lead the team in creating the best, all natural hand blended tattoo pigments in the world. I stand by the statement and if you try any of our ink range you will agree. That is confidence!

Things you may not know about me - Eddie Yeary

Eddie Yeary

...wether its tattooing, spraying, painting or sketching - art is in my blood!

I've been pressing the flesh since 1993 when he began a tattoo apprenticeship in Roanoke, Virginia. Armed with a formal art education and an empty pocket, I had to make a choice: air brush t-shirts forever or eat. After answering a help wanted sign, I signed on with Roanoke's Ancient Art Tattoo Studio.

Twenty one years, over 50 awards and a collection of personal tattoos later, I set off on a new course in a different location. Mixing and Supplying my own personal ink range since 1994,  predating most big pigment manufactures. Still to this day I am hand blending all the tones in small batches. Of course, I'm also tattooing every day from tattoo shop "Cherry Bomb Tattoo" in Roanoke VA.

When not pressing the flesh, I have completed various custom paint jobs on cycle tanks and helmets, but I'm still first and foremost a tattoo artist. My work is diverse ranging from tribal to old-school to permanent cosmetics (eyebrows and eyeliner). I like to pursue realism in his own work, whether its color or black and grey, and relish the challenge of portraiture.

My personal ink collection includes a patriotic piece by Brian Kennedy, influenced in part by his grandfather who served in WWII, and the acquisition of several bumblebees courtesy of artist Rodney Raines. A ( RUSH ) Starman, from Tim Havens. Some of my latest and biggest tattoo work using only Infinity Pro Inks was done by my great friend Jason Adkins. Jason has been and still is a very big contributor to the influence of many of the new colors and representing Infinity Pro as he travels the US and abroad.

On the side, I am still an avid airbrush artist; some of my work hangs in the Tattoo Art Studio in Albuquerque, owned by Brian Everett and friends.

Thank you,

Eddie Yeary